Fishing in October. Fishing Calendar.

It starts with falling leaves, life stops water plants. Rainy season alternates with night frosts. A condition for catching fish deteriorate. This does not apply to spinning, as the autumn Jordan Pike continues. Pike caught at considerable depths spoons. When frost action spinning hard, covered with ice ring, gets frozen in the coils of the forest. Therefore it is better to use spinning tackle as a path or use the circles and zherlitsy. Successful fishing is float fishing tackle on live bait, vertical blesneniem.

In October, starts to fatten bass. Take it to the mug, and a float rod mormyshku with paddle worm, or fry. Float rod caught roach, bream, and wiring - dace on the worm and moth. In good weather, on the same nozzle takes silver carp and ruffe, gradually fades nibble chub and ide. They come across on the bottom rod only occasionally, mainly to warming and early morning. At the end of the month to catch ide can only be accidental, but still hungry for burbot. At the time, as other fish during the night stand, he prowls in search of food. Burbot caught by bottom fishing rods (on minnows, chicken giblets).
In October, the temperature is further reduced. In late October, the ice is possible.
The fish is found only in the deepest places. However, if you go fishing on a boat, you'll be pleased with their catch.
Now is a good peck predatory fish, especially pike and perch. They go on almost any bait for predatory fish. Also a good perch bite.
Re-start biting at the burbot. It needs to catch at night, using as bait frog meat or fish.
Catfish also caught on the bottom rod, but you can try other methods of catching catfish.
You can go to catch dace with the float rod.
This month is the best fishing in small lakes and quiet rivers. Very welcome anglers of Lake Forest.


1 - Arina. If Arina cranes fly, on the Cover of the first frost, and if not, to date Artemyev there will be no frost (2.11).
3 - Astafyev. Astafieva winds: North wind - close to frost, the south - to the warmth, the west - to the sputum, east - to the bucket. Heat and flies wide web - for a good long time before the fall and snow. The end of white mushrooms, remove the hive, fall off the leaves from birch trees.
8 - Serge. Chopped cabbage. If Sergius first snow, the winter is installed on Michael (21.11). The first snowfall.
14 - Cover. What is the Shroud, so is winter. Wind from the north - to the cold winter in the south - to the warm, with a fuse - to the snow. Variable wind - a fickle winter. From the first snow up to sleigh road for 6 weeks. If a sheet of oak and birch fall clean - the light was not clean - a rigorous winter.
17 - Yerofei. Storms, winds.
19 - Dennis pozimskie. If the land is snow covered with 20, then to the Matrona (22.11) winter gets to his feet.
23 - Evlampy. On the horns of the month Evlampiya turned in the direction from which the winds have. If the north, soon to be winter and snow will fall on dry ground, south ambulance did not wait for winter. Dirt, the first snow.